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How much do you know about what’s happening in our public schools? Take the America First Project Public Education Challenge and find out!

This is more than just an article, it’s a call-to-action. I’d be much obliged if you’d help me get to the bottom of some troubling questions about what’s being done to kids in public school, including my own four amazing children, by reading and contemplating what is written here and either explain why it’s unreasonable in the comments (I’ll read it) or take one or both of the following actions. That’s the challenge.

Should a foreign country have access to the most intimate data about our kids? What about a Non-Government Organizations (NGO) who refuse to disclose information about the data they collect and what they use it for citing proprietary information protections? Should parents have access to the test questions administered during days long testing? Should our kids be learning that what happens on CNN is “news” not propaganda?

Send a personal and verified email to the official office account of President Trump, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, and your Congressman asking them:

The only way we’ll get an answer is if enough of us ask!

1: What is being done to protect students privacy and data and how can parents get access to the test questions being administered in public school?

2: Get CNN Out of the Classroom

Privacy and Data:

During the lockdown some disturbing things I’ve long suspected *could* happen in the public schools revealed themselves to be happening in ways that are far worse than I could have ever imagined. I’ve always been willing to accept a certain level of liberal political correctness and bureaucratic bullshit in my kids’ education because life is filled with that shit and you’ve got to learn to deal with it. This isn’t that. What I’m talking about is far more serious and I’m not going to stop until I get some answers.

The questions being asked of my four kids during quarantine, I recognize as psychological questions that any high level data/marketing professional would be familiar with. They are less designed to test knowledge and more setup to gauge personality. It’s a field that I know a lot about because I’ve been involved in using data and profiling politically for many years.

I’m deeply concerned about the technology advancements I’ve seen in recent years with Artificial Intelligence (AI) being able to compile damn near every piece of available commercial, public, and private information into one easy to access and read profile. Those profiles allow someone to know more about a voter than most people realize or would be comfortable with. They know things about us that we probably don’t even know about ourselves. They can even predict our behavior with stunning accuracy.

Imagine what someone would know about us if they could see all of our banking, buying, search, and public history in a slick profile? Many entities have already have those profiles is a searchable format, I could probably access yours if I had reason to. That’s scary enough but imagine what someone would know if those profiles contained physical, emotional, and intelligence testing administered routinely and with little or no supervision. The vulnerability to manipulation such a profile would create would be every authoritarian tyrant’s wet dream.

Before I return my kids to public school all I want is:

1: A copy and accounting of all the data collected on my kids during their time in public school. I want to see every question they’ve ever been given on a computer and a complete record and chain of custody of the data created and the process of keeping that data secure.

That doesn’t seem like an unreasonable thing to ask but it’s proven to be more of a challenge than expected which only raises more red flags about what’s happening. I’m asking you to send a verified email to the official office account of President Trump, Secretary DeVos, and your Congressman asking them to help me get the information I’m looking for because I haven’t been able to do it asking by myself.

Send the letter in less than two minutes by using this free Rally Congress form:


You can read about why we need to get CNN OUT OF THE CLASSROOM HERE, HERE, and HERE or you can just send the email by using this form: