Pro Fighters Love President Trump

While most celebrities tend to be very liberal, America’s UFC fighters aren’t shy about their support for President Donald J. Trump. It starts at the top with UFC President Dana White, who hasn’t been afraid to defend his friendship and support of the President. In this video from June 22, 2016 White explains while he will never talk bad about Donald Trump and how it was Donald Trump who was the first person to give the UFC a chance with event venues.

As recently as February 28th, White has gone as far as saying about whether his support of the President could cause people not to tune in to the UFC, “I (couldn’t) give an (expletive). I don’t give a (expletive). If you don’t like me because I’m friends with this guy, that’s your problem, not mine.”

“This guy,” White also said of the President. “(Trump) is such a good friend and such a loyal, amazing guy. He is a great guy. He’s been a friend of mine for a long time.”

Here are just a few of the fighters who aren’t afraid to show their support and praise of the president and MAGA. I’d like to see Antifa try to knock that MAGA hat off one of these guys!

1: Colby Covington

Instagram: He has 388k followers The People’s Champ. 1st #UFC Champion invited to The @WhiteHouse #MAGA 🇺🇸 @BangEnergy

2: Jorge Masvidal

Before his championship fight in New York City in November, 2019, the popular fighter with nearly 2 million followers on Instagram said of President Trump attending his fight, “Real recognize real. No matter what your views on the President the guy is a bad motherf*cker…”

3: Tito Ortiz

One of the original UFC badboys, Ortiz retired with 34 professional fights. He is a vocal Trump supporter to his 271,000 followers on Instagram.


4: Bryce Mitchell

The 13-0 fighter has shown that he too likes President Trump. Check out this video from MMA Fighting on YouTube:

After UFC Win, ‘Twister’ Fan Bryce Mitchell Wants To Dine With Donald Trump – MMA Fighting

“Bryce Mitchell talks about pulling off the second Twister submission in promotional history at UFC on ESPN 7, his grueling weight cut to make it to the fight, what comes next in his career, and his shoutout to President Donald Trump.”

5: Tim Kennedy

This dude is dynamite…he served his country, veteran, special forces, fighter and unapologetically American. Bad ass. Just what this country needs. When can I vote for him?!

Here is one example from his Twitter account with 265k followers:




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