President Trump Changes The Game With Best Fundraising Day Ever On His Birthday

President Donald Trump celebrated his 74th birthday with a bang on Sunday as The Republican National Committee and the Trump campaign reported their largest ever online fundraising day bringing in a whopping $14 million.

In October of 2016, the Trump Campaign and RNC was registered to have brought in $10 million allowing the previous fundraiser record to be broken. The largest sum of money raised in a 24-hours for the campaign was recorded the day President Trump launched his reelection campaign last year bringing in nearly $25 million. Over the past three years a total of $255 million has been raised.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel told Fox News: “Enthusiasm for President Trump continues to be our greatest motivator and political weapon. Republicans are thinking smarter digitally and harnessing support and energy for President Trump to up our online fundraising game and outwork, outdo, and outmaneuver the Democrats at every turn.”

President Trump will be aggressively heading back on his campaign trail despite the coronavirus pandemic scheduling his first rally in months this coming weekend.

Trump’s campaign manager Brad Parscale had this to say about Trump getting back on the campaign trail: “The grassroots support behind President Trump’s reelection is something no campaign has ever seen. Just as more than a million people have registered for tickets to the President’s rally this weekend [in Oklahoma], they are also donating to help his campaign in record numbers. There is an enthusiasm gap — it is real and it is wide. President Trump’s supporters would run through a brick wall to vote for him. Nobody is running through a brick wall for Joe Biden.”

Trump supporters are very enthusiastic about supporting the president and attending his future rallies.