President Trump Announces $105 Billion Towards Education

President Donald Trump announced that the White House and Senate Republicans have agreed to provide $105 billion to schools as part of the next Coronavirus stimulus bill in order for parents to get additional funding to send their kids to school.

After weeks of urging and pressuring schools to reopen and “get our economy going” during the coronavirus pandemic, President Trump announced on Thursday at a coronavirus briefing at the White House that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will release new guidelines to secure the safe reopening of American schools.

CDC Director Dr. Robert Redfield has proposed that schools look for ways to reopen while minimizing the spread of COVID-19.”Nothing would cause me greater sadness than to see any school district or school use our guidance as a reason not to reopen,” Redfield said.

The next coronavirus stimulus bill will include $105 billion in aid to schools, $70 billion of that for k-12 schools, $30 billion for higher education, and $5 billion for governors to assign at their discretion. Also included in the bill, $16 billion will go towards COVID-19 testing and a second round of checks to many Americans who qualify.

The White House has stated that is ultimately up to localities to decide how schools will open. However, President Trump has threatened to withhold federal funding if schools do not reopen in the fall.