President Donald Trump Greets “The Walking Marine” Vietnam Veteran Terry Sharpe at the White House

President Donald Trump greeted Terry Sharpe, known as the “Walking Marine” on the West Lawn of the White House Monday morning after Sharpe completed a 300 mile walking journey from Stokesdale, North Carolina to Washington D.C. in order to raise awareness for the high suicide rate in veterans, veterans’ homelessness, and veterans’ hunger.

Sharpe, a 69 year old proud Marine Vietnam Veteran has completed this walk from his home in Rockingham County to Washington each year over the past eight years.

Second Lady Karen Pence met with Sharpe on Monday morning and walked with him in a ceremonial walkway lined by supporters applauding him, where they together crossed a red banner that read “finish line.” There, Sharpe was greeted and praised by President Trump, Vice President Pence, and Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie.

Sharpe said that after eight years, this will be his final expedition.“I’m worn slap out! I’m going to sleep as long as I can. I’m almost 70, I’m getting too old for this,” he said with a smile.

According to the U.S. government, an average of 22 veterans commit suicide everyday.

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