At just 32 years old Kayleigh McEnany has assumed a position notorious for both the magnitude and difficulty of the job, White House Press Secretary. Friday she held her first press briefing and handled the media hyenas with poise and grace.

Quick, if you could ask the WHITE HOUSE one question about everything going on, what would you ask? I bet you didn’t say something as silly as this “reporter’s” question: “will you pledge never to lie to us?”

“There’s no job that will humble you like the White House press secretary job.” – Dana Perino

White House Press Secretary is a job that can grind down even the most accomplished people. The horror of dealing with the Fake News slime is more than most can handle for more than a year or two.  The media greaseballs will dissect and distort everything she says for as long as she holds the position.

She won’t be without support. McEnany boasts her own impressive following with 460,000 followers on Twitter, 140,000 on Instagram, and 52,000 on Facebook

‪So special to share this day with my daughter, Blake. From the podium to Marine One, it is an honor to serve the…

Posted by Kayleigh McEnany on Friday, May 1, 2020

I think she’s going to be excellent. She’s tough like Sarah Huckabee Sanders, she’s camera friendly like Dana Perino and she has charm that can disarm that reminds me of Tony Snow. I’ll admit I’m biased, McEnany remains the only Fox News booker ever brave enough to book me for an in-studio segment when she worked for the Mike Huckabee show.

Good luck Secretary McEnany! Don’t take any shit from those clowns in the media.