Iowa Senator Joni Ernst Fights Against Taxpayer Footing The Bill For Black Lives Matter

On Tuesday, Republican Iowa Senator Joni Ernst wrote a letter to Director Russell Vought with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) urging that the company perform an investigation into how the utilization of federal tax dollars are being spent by local officials in autonomous zones or anarchist regions of the country.

In her letter that was co-signed by 29 members of Congress, Ernst states that “the federal government must ensure judicious and lawful use of taxpayer funds. With this responsibility in mind, we ask you to investigate and report the amount of taxpayer dollars local officials used to encourage, sustain, bolster, supply, or repair the damage in these anarchist ‘autonomous zones.'”

Ernst said that in the fiscal year of 2019, the government gave the top 20 most populated cities over $88 billion in taxpayer dollars.”That money comes from the people and should have been spent to protect them, not put them in harm’s way. The most fundamental duty of these cities is to provide security for law-abiding citizens. Instead, we have seen businesses destroyed and lives senselessly taken. Thank you for your time, and we look forward to your leadership in ensuring transparency for tax-payer dollars used to enable anarchy,” Ernst wrote.



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