Georgia Lawmaker Trey Kelley Faces Tough Reelection After Leaving Biker To Die After Accident

Early voting starts today for George House Minority Whip Trey Kelley who is facing a difficult reelection after he left a biker to die on the side on the road after the biker was hit by a car. Kelley’s controversy is reminiscent of Massachusetts politician Ted Kennedy and the Chappaquiddick incident where Kennedy left a women to die in his car after driving off a bridge. Kelley is hoping that the Georgia voters in his district will give him a pass the way the people in Massachusetts gave Kennedy a pass.

Voting for the Republican Primary begins today and Kelley is facing a tough challenge from Chairman of the Polk County Board of Commissioners Jennifer Hulsey.

Hulsey is focusing less on the controversy surrounding Kelley and more on the big government policies he has voted on during his time in Georgia politics. Hulsey picked up the coveted endorsement from Georgia Right Life and has been building momentum leading up to the vote.

In case you missed it, I recently received the Georgia Right to Life endorsement. I’m so honored to be endorsed by this organization and will always stand in defense of the unborn and defenseless.

Posted by Jennifer Hulsey on Sunday, May 17, 2020

Hulsey is being supported by Georgia resident and confidant of President Trump, Amy Kremer, who has led the charge to get justice for Eric Keais. Kremer has given Hulsey her enthusiastic endorsement, “Trey Kelley left Eric Keais to die on the side of the road when he failed to call 911 when he learned that a person could have been hit by a car. Instead he called the police chief at home and valuable time was lost. Time that could have saved Eric’s life.” she told America First Projects in an interview. ” This isn’t Massachusetts and Trey Kelley isn’t Ted Kennedy. I think the people are going to hold him accountable for that and for his votes to increase taxes”