Fake News Sides With China over US Secretary of State

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo blasted China on Sunday in a series of interviews and social media posts. America’s top diplomat skewered the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for blocking “access to the Western World” and for refusing to cooperate with world health experts, to figure out what happened…”

Pompeo went further pointing out “China has a history of infecting the world” and “a history of running substandard laboratories”. The media rushed to the CCP’s defense with a coordinated effort to contradict President Trump’s Secretary of State.

Twitter pushed out a “news alert” to people’s phones to carry water for the Chinese by calling the OFFICIAL UNITED STATES SECRETARY OF STATE’s claim “unproven” in the headline. There is PLENTY of evidence to suggest that the Kung Flu originated in the Wuhan Class 4 lab. I’m willing to bet that if you’re still reading this that you’ve seen plenty of it yourself.

Obama lackey Ben Rhodes gave us a reminder of just how cowardly the Obama/Biden foreign policy team was when it came to confronting the CCP or any other country for that matter.

The officials at the top of our government are clearly considering the possibility that this virus was engineered in the Wuhan lab and either escaped accidently or was released purposefully. The CCP wants to censor discussion of that possibility and the US government keeps bringing it up. The commies have lied about every aspect of the Kung Flu from the beginning and the idiots carrying their water should have their motivations and credibility evaluated. That includes the globalist World Health Organization responsible for untold deaths by telling people that there was no human to human transmission.

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