Breaking: Representative Louie Gohmert Hilariously Interrupts Hearing Loudly, But for Good Reason

If there is one Congressmen who you can count on to stand up and do anything it takes for his constituents, the rule of law, the Constitution and the American people it Representative Louie Gohmert. Wednesday was no different. During the testimony of Former Deputy Attorney General Donald Ayer who grossly went over his time and was allowed to proceed by Representative Nadler, Rep. Gohmert began to make a loud tapping noise for the disgusting way that Chairman Nadler was allowing favorable witnesses to have as much time to finish by the unfavorable ones to Nadler were cut off right at the minute mark.

In the video you can hear Rep. Gohmert not only tapping and sometimes pounding but you can also hear him asking why some witnesses were allowed to go over. Fairness was a huge part of what Gohmert was trying to convey.

According to Lawfair Project oddly enough the hearing today was on Justice Department politicization. “ Former Deputy Attorney General Donald Ayer will testify on June 24 alongside Justice Department attorneys Aaron Zelinsky and John Elias, as well as former Attorney General Michael Mukasey, in a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Justice Department politicization.”

With so many of our Representatives adherent to leadership and party it is always amazing to see someone who still remembers why he is in DC and that is to protect the rights of the American people and rules of law of our nation. This is just one more example of Representative Gohmert loudly disrupting (rightfully so) the floor of Congress because rules were not being followed or fairness was not the standard of those in charge.