CENSOR THIS: Laura Loomer Beats Big Tech Ban In Primary Win

Laura Loomer has won the Republican Primary for Congress in President Trump’s Florida district. The 27-year old Loomer won the primary despite being banned across multiple social media platforms. With limited social media Loomer was able to win the district and the support of Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz and Arizona Congressman Paul Gosar. She is active on Parler.

A product of James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, Loomer first started to face serious censorship over her bold reporting of the Las Vegas shooting. She was later kicked off Twitter for revealing that Ilhan Omar had married her brother. That claim has since been taken up by Judicial Watch.

President Trump used his Twitter account to congratulate Loomer. America First Projects is happy to report the messages got through even though she is banned from the site.

From the AP: “Loomer received 43% in a six-candidate Republican field, garnering 14,500 votes. Combined, the Republican candidates totaled 34,000 votes. Frankel, running against a political newcomer, received 75,000 votes, or 86% in the Democratic primary, which had 87,000 votes cast.”