Americans Call To Defund The United Nations After “Human Rights” Criticism Over Handling Of Portland Riots

The United Nations urged the United States to stop using “excessive force” in response to law enforcement attempts to end the nearly sixty nights of unrest and violence in Portland Oregon. Rioters in Portland have been coddled and assisted by local Democrat politicians during what Acting Department of Homeland security Chad Wolf has described as a “siege” by “violent criminals”. That has led to calls to defund the United Nations

United Nations human rights spokeswoman Liz Throssell seemed to imply that federal agents somehow were being to soft on the rioters and looters plunging Portland into chaos. Her remarks reported on by Fox News were made in Geneva and reinforced why thousands of people are calling on the government to defund the United Nations.

Why Americans Want To Defund The America Hating United Nations

The United Nations (U.N.) is largely funded by the United States but it consistently promotes hatred of America while shielding the world’s worst human rights violators. For the UN to promote the ridiculous claim that the government is kidnapping “peaceful protesters further highlights their dedication to the cause of controlling and destroying America. For an organization that professes to put human rights first, the UN elevates and empowers many countries who put human rights last.

The United Nations allows some of the most oppressive regimes in the world to be members of the so called “Human Rights Council”. Countries that have served on the Human Rights Council include Afghanistan, China, Iraq, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, and Venezuela. The inclusion of countries that detest even the idea of human rights on the United Nations Human Rights Council makes a mockery of our continued funding of such a pathetic institution

While the United Nations attacks the undisputed champion of the advancement of human rights, the United States, they turn a blind eye to the fact that Chinese Muslims are being held in Chinese Communist Party concentration camps. The examples of corruption and incompetence of the UN are far too many to list but needless to say, they United Nations should be defunded!

President Trump defunded the World Health Organization for pushing C.C.P. propaganda about the coronavirus and he’d be justified doing the same thing to the United Nations.  If the United Nations wants to attack America, let them use some other countries money to do it!

We're out to defund the United Nations. You in?

Posted by Jennifer Lynn Lawrence on Wednesday, July 8, 2020