BREAKING: Campaign Shakeup As Trump Appoints New Campaign Manager

Brad Parscale has been demoted and Bill Stepien is the new Trump campaign manager. President Trump announced the shakeup in a series of afternoon social media posts on Wednesday evening. It’s still unclear what direction Stepien will take the campaign but the move comes amid a series of unforced errors from the campaign.

The campaign shakeup comes after the campaign has drawn the ire of even people who support the President for fundraising text messages, fundraising gimmicks, and gaffes that many Trump supporters have complained aren’t living up to President Trump’s notoriously high standards.

I don’t mean to burst anyone’s bubble here but the President isn’t really waiting to see if you contribute another $50 to his reelection. Hopefully, the new Trump campaign manager will shift the focus to winning votes. Trump tweets announcing Stepien as Campaign Manager

In the successful 2016 campaign, President Trump utilized three very different leaders on his way to victory. Corey Lewandowski was replaced by Paul Manafort to manage the convention and then Manafort was replaced by Steve Bannon for the election homestretch.

The Trump Campaign Manager had been led by Brad Parscale who headed President Trump’s wildly successful digital operation in 2016. Parscale took over after the victory in 2016. Parscale has focused on building the data and outreach infrastructure needed to win a national election. Rumors have swirled for weeks that the President was looking for more of a strategist to take the reelection helm and fill the role of Bannon in 2016.

America First Projects will be following what this shakeup means and bring you more as it develops.

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