Anti-Trump hit piece backfires: FCC Commissioner calls it “Communist propaganda”

Leftwing “news” site Politico published a hit piece on President Trump claiming that our President is “getting roasted on Chinese Twitter” for his response to the Kung Flu. The piece is so bad that Federal Communication Commission(FCC) Commissioner Brendan Carr publicly rebuked the article labeling it “Communist propaganda” and laying out the chilling truth about the China commies including:

  • There’s no Chinese Twitter, it’s banned
  • The regime disappears people that DON’T spread its disinformation on Weibo

The communists in China are waging a full on propaganda war over the Kung Flu and are being happily assisted by much of the American press. Earlier we reported on the effort to contradict United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in favor of the communists.

Fake News Sides With China over US Secretary of State

Whether the Fake News has sold out to China for money or whether they are assisting the communists because they think it will hurt President Trump is yet unknown. What is clear is that rags like Politico continue to earn the label President Trump has given them — FAKE NEWS.

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