Ambition First: Kamala Harris Would Do ANYTHING In Her Rise To Power

Kamala Harris engaged in a ‘sugar relationship’ with a man thirty years older than her, prosecuted the innocent, and protected pedophiles in the clergy to work her way up the ranks of the Democrat Party. Now, she is the Joe Biden’s pick to be his Vice Presidential nominee in 2020. Kamala’s vicious rise to power has delivered her to a position only two other women have ever reached but Kamala’s nomination is no cause for other women to celebrate. The way she got there makes it clear that she’s no champion of anything but the blind ambition of Kamala Harris.

The Affair With Willie Brown: Sex In Kamala’s Rise To Power

Kamala Harris’ affair with San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown notoriously fueled her rise in California politics. He was 60 when they met. She was 29. Sleeping with someone thirty years older than you may seem gross to many of you but Kamala was extremely well compensated for her ::cough:: time.

Gifts Kamala got from her sugar daddy included a BMW which was good. The appointments to state commissions that Willie Brown later admitted to giving his sugar baby Kamala Harris in a 2019 op-ed, were even better: “Yes, we dated. It was more than 20 years ago. Yes, I may have influenced her career by appointing her to two state commissions when I was Assembly speaker.” She was paid over $400k from the State of California for her “work” on those commissions.

Rumors of what Kamala Harris was willing to do for the right kind of support have long swirled in political circles but remain unconfirmed by this reporter. The revelation of her sugar relationship with a man 30 years her senior would seem to add credence to the possibility of the sex-for-support arrangements rumored to be available.

Prosecuting The Innocent and Protecting The Guilty: The Victims Of Kamala Harris’ Rise To Power

Remember when Tulsi Gabbard basically knocked Kamala Harris out of the Presidential race in the debates? Here’s the glorious video if you need a refresher:

As a cop and prosecutor she withheld evidence that would have cleared people falsely prosecuted for crimes they didn’t commit because wins were good for her career. She was willing to see an innocent man put to death rather than admit to falsely putting him there. Kamala Harris was happy to ruin anyone if it was good for her career as a prosecutor. She put thousands of people in prison. For Marijuana. In San Francisco.

It’s not just locking up the innocent. Kamala Harris protected pedophiles in the clergy in her rise to power according to the victims of that abuse. Justice was never the measure for Kamala Harris. All her decisions were made with one thing in mind, what was best for Kamala and her career.




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