Worse than Covid-19? America Rallies Against New Threat to Way of Life (No, not murder wasps)

America First Project and Women for America First launched a campaign to combat a threat that they say is even more dangerous that Covid-19. It’s called CNN-10 and it’s teaching American students that what they see on CNN is “news”.

Concerned citizens are asked to contact President Trump, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, and their member of Congress by using this Rally Congress.

The letter being sent through the Rally Congress reads:

I’m writing you today because American children are being introduced to an insidious threat on a regular basis. I’m not talking about Covid-19, I’m talking of course about CNN-10.

CNN-10 is a daily program shown in many schools across the country. CNN is a laughingstock and the worst rated cable news channel for a reason. They regularly lie to malign President Trump and the number of times they’ve been caught distorting the truth to fit their predetermined narrative are far too many to list.

So why is CNN being shown in classrooms across the country?

Is CNN’s blatant partisanship and disregard for the truth really the kind of example that we want to be setting for impressionable young minds? The American people have shown that they don’t want CNN in their homes (look at the ratings).

CNN shouldn’t be in our classrooms or our airports but we can start by getting them far away from our kids. Please take action to get CNN out of our classrooms.

Organizers hope to top the 100,000+ messages they sent earlier this year to OPPOSE IMPEACHMENT. They expect that as people learn about the dangers of CNN-10, action will be taken to flatten the curve of Fake News by getting CNN OUT OF THE CLASSROOM