Renewed Calls To Fire Fauci After HydroxyC Hoax

Activists at the America First Projects (us) are renewing our call for the firing of Dr. Fauci after it was revealed that HydroxyC actually does work to mitigate the seriousness of the Kung Flu Coronavirus.

I’m calling in HydroxyC and the Kung Flu Coronavirus. If you don’t like it take it up with President Trump.

Media Freakout After Trump Says The Unspeakable

In a tweet from President Donald Trump revealed the Henry Ford Health System had found the drug that first cleared the FDA for use in the 1950’s was shown to have a significant impact on the seriousness of Covid-19. I know first hand how Dr. Fauci’s decisions disrupted our nation’s ability to secure supply of HydroxyC. Fire Fauci!

How many lives were lost by the dithering of Dr. Fauci and the other stooges who downplayed the effectiveness of HydroxyC despite mounds of supporting evidence? Only time will tell.

Here is the study the President references.

This isn’t the first time that Dr. Fauci has been wrong and the result has been the unnecessary death of Americans during this crisis. The lockdown madness left a lot to be desired. He needs to be fired and thousands of us have told President Trump that we back his firing directly by using this Rally Congress.

Rally Congress to Fire Fauci Screenshot

It’s time for President Trump to use the words he made famous on the apprentice and FIRE FAUCI!