Personal Responsibility: Why America Doesn’t Need Bill Gates’ Microchip

Bill Gates and his buddies want to track and control your every movement. They say that it’s so they can protect us from Covid-19 but in America we know better. Will you surrender your religious, privacy, speech, and health rights to stop the spread of Wuhan Coronavirus?

America is rooted in a philosophy of freedom that protects us from those who use the constant threat of impending doom to control us. Americans are taught from an early age that we must never be intimidated into giving away our American way of life. There are always threats but personal responsibility and the acceptance of risk keep our American democracy healthy.

Tommy Lee Jones best summed up the constant threat of impending doom in Men in Black:


Posted by Dustin Stockton on Friday, May 1, 2020

I left out the second part of the quote that uses the threat to justify keeping people in the dark because in the real world constant threats of impending economic and societal doom are ALWAYS overhyped to justify the typical corrupt agendas and often far darker things.

  • Banksters use the threat of impending doom to extort tax payers for trillions. “Immediate bailouts or the economy is dead”.
  • God-complex psycho’s like Bill Gates use the threat of impending doom to push for total control. “Everyone has to take the vaccine and be tracked at all times or we’re all going to die.”
  • Hell, Al Gore inspired a whole “green” grifter industry with the threat of impending climate doom. Poor Greta Thunberg might actually believe it.

Personal Responsibility and the Acceptance of Risk

Wise words.

Posted by Dustin Stockton on Thursday, April 30, 2020

Freedom requires we take personal responsibility to deal with threats and accept any potential risks incurred by rejecting “solutions” that trample our rights and destroy our way of life. Americans take this responsibility and the risks seriously. I know Americans who have taken precautions for everything from EMP attacks to Alien Invasions. America can accept the risks because we accept the responsibility to be ready to respond. Examples:

  • To help mitigate bio-threats, Americans are working to source and manufacture the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), testing kits, and medicines.
  • To prepare for further supply chain disruptions and potential food shortages, Americans are planting gardens, canning food, and connecting with local ranchers.
  • To prepare for the threat of war Americans are getting into shape.
  • To prepare for tyrannical government and every other threat, Americans are buying guns and ammo.

America doesn’t need the mark-of-the-beast microchip to survive this crisis or any crisis because we’re ready for anything.

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