Mitt Romney Has Meltdown After Trump Makes Him A Loser — Again

Utah Senator Mitt Romney had a meltdown over President Trump’s commutation of Roger Stone. That Roger Stone was going to prison was pretty much all Romney and his establishment buddies got after spending nearly all their political capital and millions of taxpayers dollars investigating the Russia hoax.

The wild Russia conspiracy theory is in tatters. Supporters of the failed attempt to take down President Trump could at least say that they sent SOMEONE to prison. Now they can’t even say that. Roger Stone is a free man.

President Trump just took that tiny victory away. Mitt Romney took to Twitter to vent.  “Unprecedented, historic corruption:” Romney whined. “an American president commutes the sentence of a person convicted by a jury of lying to shield that very president.”

Mitt Romney has made a habit of letting his jealousy of President Trump’s success slip out from time to time. His petty shots earn him interviews and camera time with the very same media who attacked him as the Republican nominee for President. He’s probably so full of himself that he believes they have him on because they like him, not because he’s saying negative things about President Trump. Sad!

Mitt Romney’s meltdowns might get him media attention but he’ll never be a winner like President Trump. He will always be the wimpy guy who couldn’t beat Barack Obama because he didn’t have the courage to fight back.

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