Media Freakout After Trump Says The Unspeakable

In a speech that stretched for more than an hour, President Trump covered a lot of ground on a wide array of issues. The media is focusing in on President Trump’s use of a term that the media had determined to be politically incorrect, Kung Flu.

Despite my personal attempts to popularize Kung Flu as the common name for the “plague that China sent us” as the President described Covid-19 in his speech on Saturday. Here’s the clip they got all worked up over:

Philip Rucker of the Washington Post declared it racist (it’s not):

Maggie Haberman at the New York times was so astonished she had to rewind to make sure she had really heard it, which is not a great reflection on her reporter skills:

Dozens of other media also feigned outrage and clutched pearls, but I for one, am and will remain proudly, #TeamKungFlu

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