Democrats New Conspiracy Theory: Kanye IS Jill Stein

After Kanye West announced that he was running for President on the 4th of July, Democrats did what Democrats do. They spun the famous rappers late decision to enter the race into a wild conspiracy theory but to no one’s surprise, the villain of this fantasy is President Donald Trump.

So many liberals started comparing Kanye to the Green Party Presidential Nominee in 2016 that “Jill Stein” was trending in the United States on Twitter. Here are a few of the highlights which portray the famous rapper who is married to Kim Kardashian (178m Instagram Followers) and supported by Billionaire celebrity Elon Musk as a puppet of President Trump.

The liberal hatred of minorities like Kanye West who refuse to support their socialist agenda can get down right nasty. This lady called Kanye — Koonye but could you imagine if I said something like that?

Kanye West is trying to steal young black voters from Joe Biden, the middle-age white lady says:

The conspiracies are numerous but all pretty much boil down to complaining that Kanye will be more appealing to certain voters than Sleepy Joe Biden.


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