Women for America First Petition NYC For Mural Equal To The BLM Painting Outside Trump Tower


Women’s Group Files Lawsuit Against Bill de Blasio Over BLM “Mural” Outside Trump Tower

Following New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s publicity stunt allowing Black Lives Matter activists to paint a flashy taxpayer-funded BLM mural outside of the Trump Tower on 5th Avenue on Thursday, the pro-Trump Virginia-based nonprofit Women for America First have sent a formal letter requesting that the mayor allow them to equally paint a New York City street mural of their own.

Amy Kremer, founder of Women for America First attached the formal letter on Twitter Thursday along with the announcement, “We have retained counsel should de Blasio continue infringing upon our Constitutional rights.” The letter was signed by the group’s executive director Kylie Jane Kremer and requested that de Blasio provide a response within three business days or the company will immediately file a lawsuit to sue the mayor and the city of New York if he does not adhere to their demands.

Written directly to de Blasio, the request letter begins ”In light of New York City’s choice to open Fifth Avenue as a public forum and allow a bright yellowish ’Black Lives Matter’ mural to be painted onto the road, I write on behalf of Women for America First to say our company’s interest in painting a mural of their own.”

The letter goes on to explain that the Virginia based nonprofit has thousands of supporters nationwide and holds several events in New York City, many of which those supporters reside. Kemer also lists several streets and areas in New York City where their mural would be suitable if 5th Avenue is not permitted per their request.

“In light of your generosity in opening up historic Fifth Avenue as a public forum by allowing the Black Lives Matter organization to paint their motto, our organization, too, would like to paint a mural of our motto- “Engaging, Inspiring, and Empowering Women to Make a Difference!”- on Fifth Avenue, or another similar street within the city’s jurisdiction. In the event your Honor does not allow our organization to use Fifth Avenue, we propose painting our mural on FDR Drive outside Gracie’s Mansion. Alternatively, we are amenable to painting our mural on 42nd Street near Times Square, or even City Hall Park should you prefer,” the letter stated.

The request continued that the nonprofit would self-fund and use the identical yellow-color paint, font, and square footage that was used in The Black Lives Matter mural. Local authority assistance for traffic diversion and parking restrictions while the painting is being completed was also requested. Kremer added that “we are amenable to complete the painting at any hour most convenient for your Honor and the City of New York.”

When asked about why he and famed constitutional attorney Ron Coleman intend to file a lawsuit, Mike Yoder said, “The first three words of our Constitution are “We the People.” It applies to all, regardless of political ideology. The abject failure of elected officials nationwide and refusal to uphold their duties in defending the Constitution are unprecedented. I refuse to allow our rights to be trampled by rogue, tyrannical leaders who grandstand on tragedy for political gain. All Americans are entitled to Due Process and Equal Protection of the law, without reservation. I call on each elected official to begin to act in the interests of our country–not their party. There has never been a time more important than now to remind those in power that our Constitution does not need to be re-written; it needs to be re-read.”

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