Video: Social Media Posts Show Massive Explosion In Russia

Screenshot of Volgograd Explosion

A massive explosion can be seen in video posted on a variety of social media accounts on Monday. The explosion happened in Volgograd, Russia. Official reports say that the explosion was the result of a gas station exploding.

The explosion in Russia sent a fiery plume into the sky. Here it is from another angle.

Volgograd which was formerly Stalingrad has more than a million residents. The city has been the target of a several terrorist attacks over the last decade including a series of suicide attacks in 2013 that killed more than 30.

Thirteen people were injured in the explosion in Russia on Monday. President Trump’s ominous tone and coverage of explosions around the world is fueling speculation and conspiracy theories.

Ominous President Trump: “You may not see me for a while…”


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