Tucker Carlson Under Fire For Calling Out Celebrities “Funding Chaos”

Fox News analysis and commentator Tucker Carlson has been under attack since he dedicated a segment of his primetime show calling out actors, musicians, and athletes offering to bail out rioters and protesters across the nation that have been arrested during the protest. Tucker implied these celebrities are helping fund “chaos” and contributing to looting and civil unrest.

“Big companies — cynical, soulless, craven corporations like Pepsi, Intel and AirBnB are funding this chaos,” Carlson said. “They’re giving money to Black Lives Matter, which is pushing to defund the police. But it isn’t just major corporations that are fueling all of this. Celebrities are, too, by paying to get violent rioters out of jail.”

Some of the celebrities Carlson named called out include Steve Carell, Blake Lively, Patton Oswalt, Kehlani, Don Cheadle, Seth Rogen, the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and grammy award-winning rapper Lil Nas X, in which he was particularly irked by due to encouraging his 4.7 million Twitter followers to donate to bail groups in Chicago, New York, and Philidelphia. “Imagine if he had used those followers instead to help small businesses destroyed by the riots he helped incite,” he said.

The 21-year-old rapper tweeted a video of Carlson’s broadcast and responded,”This man just lied and told millions of people on national television that I was inciting riots. You can’t make this up.”

Other celebrities like Halsey, Seth Rogen, Rob Delaney, and Patton Oswalt also took to Twitter in response to Carlson.

Carlson informed viewers that he would be taking “several days off” to travel to the “wilderness” and fish for trout with his son on his Wednesday night show.