To Suppress Video Of Doctors Countering Pandemic Fear, Big Tech Even Censored President Trump

Big Tech moved quickly to censor a viral video by Breitbart News on Monday. Video of practicing doctors holding a press conference challenging the approved Kung Flu Coronavirus was going viral when the decision was made to censor it. President Trump. retweeted the video but even that didn’t stop Twitter from taking dramatic action to shut it down. Big Tech claims that the information in the video is so dangerous it justifies censoring the President of the United States.

The video too dangerous for public consumption is still viewable on Allum’s article on Breitbart News. It doesn’t promote terrorism, or pedophilia, or violence like other content still available on the Big Tech platforms. It’s just a video of doctors talking about their frontline experience treating patients with Covid-19.

The Breitbart video had amassed 18 million views when Big Tech censored it. As of yet, it’s the most extreme example of cross platform censorship on record. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are among the platforms censoring the video.

The Two Biggest Videos Big Tech Has Censored

Interestingly, the previous “most censored” video is “Plandemic” which also challenges the official Kung Flu coronavirus narrative. Plandemic is censored across Big Tech platforms even though hundreds of thousands of people have independently uploaded it to their social media. Big Tech censored hundreds of thousands who uploaded Plandemic natively to their social media.

Similarities in the censored videos is obvious. Both contain credentialed and credible medical professionals and challenge the Kung Flu coronavirus as a justification for the draconian lockdown. Both censored videos tout an inexpensive drug protocol featuring hydroxychloroquine as an effective treatment to the doomsday virus. Watching either video might reduce fear and lead citizens to question new authoritarian mandates. Media morons cheered the censorship of both videos.

Big Tech removed all hint of impartiality to publicly embrace unaccountable censorship against these two videos. People were being censored and shadow banned before but not like this. People are asking what makes the information in Plandemic and the Breitbart video so dangerous it warrants such a drastic response?

Makers of more expensive Covid-19 treatments certainly benefit from the suppression of information about the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine. Hydroxychloroquine is inexpensive and if it’s too effective pharma can say goodbye to massive sales of “new” treatments and vaccines.

Anyone planning to use Covid-19 as justification for new authoritarian mandates is thrilled that these doctors have been silenced. The videos triggered the largest acts of modern censorship and exposed Big Tech’s public total opposition to free speech.

All Part Of The Plan

Clues to the motivation behind Big Tech censoring the Breitbart video retweeted by President Trump can be found in an event that sounds conspiratorial but Event 201 is very real. John Hopkins University partnered with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for a pandemic drill that was eerily prophetic in October 2019. Event 201 was billed as a thought experiment about dealing with a global pandemic. The situation imagined the release of an airborne Coronavirus that behaves almost exactly like Covid-19. One of the biggest sections of the “exercise” was censorship.

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