The Wall Went Up Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Wall Weekend! One year ago today a group of American patriots broke ground on the largest and most ambitious GoFundMe of all time under the leadership of triple-amputee war veteran Brian Kolfage. The project to crowdfund segments of border wall on private land had been viciously attacked and ridiculed across the media for months. The ubiquitous narrative was that we would never be able to get the job done and that the whole thing was a scam.

They didn’t know what we were planning and we were trying to keep it that way. After raising about $20 million dollars in late December the globalist media had waged an unrelenting smear campaign against everyone associated with the project. Despite his sacrifice to our country, Brian was taking the brunt of it and pressure to strike back by revealing our plans was growing. We continued to keep our heads down because our strategy depended on the element of surprise. So we let them attack and we kept working to our goal while keeping our plans within a very tight circle of less than 10.

General Robert Spalding, Stephen K Bannon, Rich Kaye, Brandon Darby, Kris Kobach, and Amanda Shea during a WeBuildTheWall strategic meeting in Mcallen Texas.

Finding a piece of private property in a place that we could build had turned out to be more difficult than we thought. We had been negotiating with several land owners in Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, and even California but legal complications of building on an international boundary and all the negative press we were getting had made it difficult to get anything finalized. We were running out of options.

We had found our contractor just a few weeks earlier in Tommy Fisher and his team at Fisher Industries. A titan of construction, Tommy had designed a patented system for putting up Bollard wall that he wanted to showcase and he was ready to move on the aggressive timeline we had set.

Tommy Fisher with a model of his wall
Tommy Fisher holding a model of his wall at the wall we built in Sunland Park, NM.

We had finally found someone with the courage to let us build in two long beleaguered border land owners in George and Jeff. The terrain at the American Eagle Brick Factory was a challenge. The open section was just minutes outside of El Paso over the New Mexico border and we set trail cameras to capture evidence of the illegal smuggling activity. The Army Corp of Engineers had deemed the spot unbuildable due to the steep terrain and the property had a “grandfather exception” to the Roosevelt Easement that prevented us from building in other locations.

Here is an excellent video introducing George and Jeff.

We BUILT The Wall

Project one of the People's Wall is done and making a major impact in the area we built it. We have another hard, but important area to protect next and can only build the wall there with YOUR help.Every Dollar and Every Mile Matters – Please Donate

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Tommy didn’t blink when confronted by the challenge. We had settled on an aggressive strategy dubbed the “Bum Rush”. The plan was to put our first panel of Bollards up on Friday afternoon on Memorial Day weekend and Tommy’s crew was going to work around the clock with the goal of having the wall finished by the time normal business resumed on Tuesday.

WeBuildTheWall communications director Jennifer Lawrence helps shovel on the first trench for the ‘People’s Wall’ in Sunland Park, NM.

For a week leading up to memorial day we were having the materials delivered in the middle of the night while Tommy Fisher and his crew moved more than 200,000 cubic yards of earth. The build site is visible from I-10 but we had put out several misdirections to the media that we were going to break ground somewhere in Arizona. We knew that if nobody caught on by the time we started putting up bollards on Friday, they wouldn’t be able to stop us.

Friday morning was TENSE. Everything was staged and ready for more than 72 straight hours of nonstop construction but one final hurdle remained. The local building inspector would need to witness the initial concrete pour and sign off on the project. The minutes dragged on as first George had gone into town to meet with the inspector and then as we waited for him to arrive to witness the first concrete pour. As far as we could tell, no one in the media had managed to catch wind of what we were doing just miles from El Paso.

When the building inspector signed off and the first panel was going up we recorded this video although we wouldn’t release it until after the weekend. In my long and storied career of mischief having a video of me telling the haters to “suck it” with more than a million views stands out amongst the top achievements.

1st piece of the FIRST privately funded wall GOING UP!

Footage of the first piece of the FIRST privately funded wall GOING UP!

Posted by We Build The Wall Inc on Monday, May 27, 2019

After those first panels started going up, Tommy and his crew took to the construction of the ‘People’s Wall’ with breathtaking efficiency. They’d set a panel, pour the concrete, and hold the structure up while the concrete set. As soon as the concrete was set they would attach a new panel and move to the end of the line.

By nightfall a significant section of wall was up and we got to see how Tommy’s crew had planned to keep moving through the night. It was persistent and methodical. For those of us who had been trashed across the media for months it was a historic accomplishment. That night Kris Kobach carved our names into the corner pour of the first section and Jennifer Lawrence dedicated it to President Trump and the 2020 election.

Crews from Fisher Industries work through the night on Friday night of Memorial Day weekend building the first section of crowdfunded border wall on private property.
Crew from Fisher Industries grooms concrete late friday night
Jennifer Lawrence dedicates the corner pour of concrete “MAGA THE PEOPLE’S WALL DONALD J. TRUMP 2020”
Kris Kobach finishing the corner stone and listing the senior strategic team. “May 19, 2019. WeBuildTheWall. Brian Kolfage, Kris Kobach, Steve Bannon, Andy Badolato, Dustin Stockton, and Jen Lawrence.

The wall was going up but we were still a long way from finishing the project. Protest threats, cartel gunman, and a wild campaign to keep the project out of the news over the weekend still lay ahead.

In another article, I’ll continue to share the untold story of WeBuildTheWall. We thought the toughest fight was going to be building the wall but the fight to finish construction and keep it up would prove to be a dirty and ugly battle. Please stay tuned to the verified America First Projects page on Facebook and keep an eye out for the next chapter in the wall saga.