Team ANTIFA: Democrats Defend Portland Anarchists After Arrests By Federal Agents

Federal Agents in Portland Detain Suspects

National and Oregon Democrats are publicly coming to the aid of anarchists who have fueled violence and chaos in Portland for more than a month. Federal agents are detaining and arresting “violent anarchists” who have assaulted federal agents according to Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf. Democrats responded to the news by rushing to defend the anarchists and attack the Trump administration.

Videos posted to social media show federal agents detaining “violent criminals” but a report in the Washington Post claims agents are putting “protesters” into “unmarked” vehicles. Democrat leaders decided to take up the hyperbole of the lunatic left because it gave them a chance to pretend that President Trump is literally Hitler.

New York Senator Chuck Schumer responded to WaPo’s ANTIFA-friendly report by declaring the arrests “wrong” and calling for an investigation into who is responsible.

America First Projects Action Item:

Rally Congress Screenshot

Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley repeated the lie that those being arrested are “protesters” and tried to shift attention by saying:

Acting Secretary Wolf was quick to dispel the notion that these weren’t “peaceful protesters” being rounded up as Democrats and the WaPo would have people believe.

Kamala Harris made her name as a cutthroat prosecutor and enforcer of the law in California but apparently anti-Trump hyperbole is greater than blatant hypocrisy. Another Democrat rushing to the aid of of ANTIFA.

For Acting Secretary Wolf the need for federal action was clear and this is how he made his case:

Oregon Governor Kate Brown and Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler have allowed the siege to continue for nearly six weeks. Now, as federal agents are forced to clean up the mess and put an end to the “47-day siege” the local politicians are siding with the “violent anarchists.” Oregon Democrats are coming to the aid of the anarchists wrecking havoc in their jurisdictions. It’s shameful.

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler decided to reinforce the perception that he prefers to hide from problems by publicly stating that he wouldn’t meet with DHS officials even if they had asked.

Had Mayor Wheeler been trustworthy enough for DHS leadership to meet with, he would have seen the demand for action.

At this point, would anyone be surprised if Democrats start calling for all the charges to be dropped like America First Projects reported happened in Dallas?

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