Seattle’s Police Chief Resigns: Driven From Her Job By Anti Cop Agenda

Seattle’s Police Chief Carmen Best announced that she had turned her resignation in on Monday just hours after the Seattle City Council slashed her department’s funding. For Best the anti-cop agenda was a step too far and showed a “lack of respect for the officers,” who put their lives at risk protecting the city of Seattle.

Seattle’s City Council had voted on Monday to defund the Seattle Police Department by cutting $3.5 million from the department’s budget and warned that more cuts would come in the future. Just hours after the City Council’s decision, Best turned in her resignation.

In Tuesdays press conference, Best stated, “This is not about the money and it’s not about the demonstrators, be real. I have a lot thicker skin than that. It really is about the overarching lack of respect for the officers — the men and women who work so hard, day in and day out. The idea that we’ve worked so incredibly hard to make sure our department was diverse and that it reflects the community that we serve, to just turn that all on a dime and hack it off, without having a plan in place to move forward, is highly distressful for me.”

Best also read a letter during the press conference that was written to her by a newly hired black police officer which she claimed impacted her decisions. “He is one of the people that will probably not keep a job here,” Best said of the rookie officer. “And that for me, I’m done. Can’t do it. If people think on any level that I’m here for the money, forget it. That’s not the case. I can make more in other places. The fact of the matter is I love the city, I love the police department, and I would stay if I thought it would help us. But I really don’t at this point, the relationship is fractured”

According to a letter written to the Seattle Police Department, Best disclosed that her retirement will be effective on September 2nd.

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