Rioters Cost City Of Minneapolis Millions After Destroying Police Department

According to state and local officials, the Third Police Precinct in south Minneapolis that was set ablaze and looted by rioters and protesters following the death of George Floyd, will cost and estimated $10 million to rebuild. The figures were released on Monday by Hennepin County and are the first glance at the damage that was transpired after officers were surrounded by protests and were forced to leave their post on May 28 at the direction of Mayor Jacob Frey.

Earlier this month, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz requested financial support of $16 million in federal assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and asked President Donald Trump to declare a major disaster for the state of Minnesota due to substantial fire damage to public infrastructure caused by rioting and civil unrest. Although the request for aid was denied by federal authorities, Walz said Tuesday that he plans to appeal the decision. “It’s not all that unusual that this was denied,” Walz said. “I wish they would take another look at it, and I think we can make a good case.”

In his letter to President Trump asking for financial assistance, Walz stated that 1,500 Twin Cities businesses were damaged by fire, vandalism, and looting and that more than 150 Minneapolis police officers have filed for disability claims. He also stated that the chaos following the death of George Floyd was the “second most destructive incident of civil unrest in United States history.”

The city of Minneapolis estimates that on top of the $10 million it will cost to rebuild the Minneapolis Third Police Precinct, it will cost an additional $289,000 to replace the 911 equipment inside the police station, $225,000 for cleanup of the city, $5,000 for paper shredding services, and at least another $1 million to pay police, fire, and public employees in overtime costs for their services, according to documents.