Oregon Gov. Kate Brown Cancels 4th of July with Executive Order

Cancel the fireworks and the celebration of American independence in Oregon this year says tyrant Oregon Governor “Karen” Brown. With an executive order extending the lockdown in Oregon for SIXTY DAYS (why so long?), Brown has boldly cancelled America’s birthday. Take your celebration of freedom and stuff it Coos Bay.

Send a verified message to your Governor warning them they can’t cancel America’s Birthday by clicking here

With it’s whopping ***109*** Kung Flu deaths, Oregon seems an unlikely candidate to challenge the willingness of it’s people to accept such a long and draconian order. As a former resident of Oregon and huge Ducks fan I’m hopeful that the good people of Oregon will do the right thing and make a proper mockery of the Governor Karen’s unconstitutional dictate on America’s birthday.

Oregon like California is a liberal state because the two biggest population centers are extremely leftwing but the rest of the state retains the American legacy of independence. I can’t imagine Tyrant Karen’s dictate is popular in the fishing port of Coos Bay or with the Portland and Eugene anarchists who I can personally attest, know how to party.

A few short months ago Antifi was cool and edgy wearing a mask to cover their face, now some asshole Trump supporter is sporting a full mask on his verified Facebook profile. It reminds me of when everyone stole the Goth Kids thunder in South Park.

America First Projects has set up a form to make it easy for you to send a verified email to your governor warning them not to act like tyrant Governor “Karen” Brown and we might just put together an epic fireworks in Oregon display of protest….

The letter reads: