North Carolina State Trooper Gives Family Ultimate Surprise

North Carolina State Highway Patrol Trooper Colby Pridgen has left a lasting impression on a family of six by purchasing a brand new set of tires for them while they were broke down and stranded in the middle of a busy highway in Johnston County.

Monica Hines, along with her boyfriend and children were on their way to Duke Neurology Hospital when their vehicle blew out a tire. Stranded for nearly five hours, Pridgen saw the family and helped them by changing their flat tire, but noticed that all the tires were in rough shape. He purchased with his own money four brand new tires, a full tank of gas, and lunch at a nearby McDonald’s for the entire family.

“Someone helped me out earlier that day, and I just felt like it was meant to be when I ran into this family, I couldn’t let them ride all the way back to Jacksonville with their kids on tires like that. It’s about doing the right thing” Pridgen stated.