Murdered For Not Wearing Mask? Security Guard Arrested and Charged

A security guard has been charged with murder in Gardena California after a dispute over wearing a mask turned deadly. Umeir Hawkins and his wife, Sabrina Carter, have been arrested and charged in the death of Jerry Lewis. Hawkins, the security guard, could face fifty years to life after shooting a customer who didn’t feel like wearing a mask.

Carter was waiting for husband to get off work when she saw the confrontation. She grabbed her gun and is charged with brandishing it at Lewis and other customers. The security guard pulled a second gun and shot the maskless customer.

That customer, Jerry Lewis, appeared to be having a really crappy day. He was waiting for a tow truck and some asshole security guard started busting his chops about not having a mask. The two got into a physical fight over it and the security guard shot him down.

Murdered for not wearing a mask

Lewis was waiting for a tow truck when the deadly confrontation started according to an excellent report by CBS Los Angeles:

“Police say Hawkins was an employee of the store Lewis had visited while waiting for a tow truck. According to the DA’s office, Lewis had tried to enter the market without a mask and started arguing with Hawkins. Lewis left the store, then returned and began physically fighting with Hawkins.”

Sadly, this likely won’t be the last time that someone is murdered for not wearing a mask.

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