Mob Burns Down House That They Say Was Involved In Human Trafficking

Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Two girls were found safe that went missing over the weekend. The relief soon turned into rage as a mob formed and sought it’s own justice by burning down a house rumored to be involved in human trafficking according to social media posts coming from the scene.

Social media posts also indicate that this act of mob justice was fueled by a perceived lack of action from law enforcement. To paraphrase, if the cops won’t deal with these human traffickers, we will.

This report from the local Fox Station does a good job of showing you the scene.

Police came to the house to break up the crowd. It’s unclear at this point how they are going to handle the situation and whether anyone will face charges.

If this house really did hold 20 girls for trafficking purposes, is this act of vigilante justice justified?

Fox 6 reported that “Family members of the missing girls said after reporting the children missing, they didn’t hear much from police about what was being done to find them — so on Tuesday morning, they showed up at a home in the area with a search party.”

“Milwaukee police said 15-year-old Tydrianna and 13-year-old Gilbreanna were last seen near 21st and Locust around 5 p.m. on Sunday, June 21. They left a residence from that area and did not return. Milwaukee police said the girls were not considered to be critically missing.