It’s ‘MAGA MAYDAY’: Rolling Protests to Reopen Expected Nationwide

It’s MAGA MAYDAY and Americans all over the country are expected to take advantage of historic low gas prices and take to their cars to protest to reopen America and get back to work. Organizers are calling it a “Rolling Rally for Freedom” and turnout is expected to be robust.

The nationwide protests are being organized by Amy Kremer and Women for America First and thousands of people are expected to participate in dozens of locations across the country.



All over the country on Friday we are safely and responsibly standing up to protect our rights and get back to work. It's not too late to get involved visit to find information in your area or put one together. It's time to REOPEN America!

Posted by Jennifer Lynn Lawrence on Wednesday, April 29, 2020

The protests have already attracted a wide array of media attention including this article on Breitbart and this one on ABC NEWS

Participants are encouraged to protest responsibly by using their cars to maintain social distancing and to avoid blocking any roads to emergency vehicles or regular traffic.

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