Intense Pics and Video: Man Survives Mob Attack By Shooting Attacker

A man was shot after a mob tearing down a monument in Albuquerque, New Mexico attacked a counter protester on Monday.The attack and subsequent shooting in apparent self-defense was captured by several different recordings.

This is the clearest video of the shooting that this reporter could find:

Here it is from another angle

“Protesters” were attempting to take down statues of Spanish Conquistadors in Tiguex Park in Albuquerque when the mob turned on a man in a blue shirt who would eventually draw his weapon and shoot one of his assailants.

Immediately after the shooting the man in the blue shirt was surrounded by members of the New Mexico Civil Guard, a militia.

New York Times Reporter Simon Romero posted this video showing the man that had been shot being tended to as he lay on the ground:

The man in the blue shirt and several members of the New Mexico Civil Guard were arrested:

Early reports indicate that the protester who was shot is expected to survive but America First Projects was unable to confirm those reports at the time of publication.