In The Name Of Covid: California Governor Releasing Inmates and Bankrupting Business

Governor Newsom of California has been one of the major villains of the COVID-19 pandemic. Every day there seems to be another reason why he should be recalled as Governor. Early this week Newsom announced that he would be considering releasing another 3500 prisoners from the California prison system to fight the spread of COVID-19. In a time where more and more states are mandating that Americans are now required by law to wear a mask in public, why is newsom not issuing masks to be worn in prisons if they work so well?

Earlier this year Governor Newsom released about 3500 prisoners who were within 150 days of their release date. According to KTLA 5 Newsom would be using the same criteria for the latest batch of 3500 prisoners that Newsom is looking to release.

America First Projects interviewed some California residences to get their reactions about Newsom’s latest push to release prisoners on to the streets of California.

Emily Latifzadeh from San Diego told America First Projects, “I don’t understand how releasing 3500 prisoners will help “battle” COVID. It raises a lot of concerns for me. What kind of criminals are being released?” Latifzadeh went on to say, “How exactly is this for the better of the community? Coronavirus survival rate is 99.5% which means we’re not battling a pandemic. Releasing criminals does absolutely nothing good in my opinion.”

Another California resident Stephanie from the San Gabriel Valley area had some strong words for Newsom. “Gavin Newsom has successfully decriminalized crime. I’m not surprised by anything he does anymore. He issued zero bail on most crimes, he also issued an order excusing sex offenders from showing up in person to register. Stephanie continued, “Now he’s releasing more criminals into our neighborhoods. Add that to the restrictive gun control measures and the defunding of police, and Californians are a lot less safe. He needs to be recalled.”

These two women are not alone in their feelings about Newsom and the terrible job he is doing handling the COVID-19 pandemic and as Governor of one of the largest states in the US. Many people around California and around the country are trying to stop Newsom from further driving California off a cliff. There is also a large push to formally recall Newsom. This movement is gaining strength every day.