Horror As France Surrenders City Of Dijon To “Armed Algerian Immigrants”

Disturbing video and images out of Dijon France look like a war torn hellscape as armed gangs and ethnic violence have overwhelmed local authorities. The violence between Algerians and Chechen’s has consumed the French City as the two immigrant groups wage war against each other.

Shocking videos and posts showing the violence are abundant on social media

Large gangs of immigrant men can be seen fighting and brandishing weapons as the city burns in the background. Video of a car flying through a roundabout, losing control and flipping over among dozens of armed men is racking up views.

Reports indicate that police and military reinforcements have been called in to try to stop the violence and restore peace in the city after fighting between Muslim Algerians and Chechens has gotten out of control.

Men brandishing and firing handguns, rifles, and other weapons are openly wandering the streets.