Grandma’s Little Rioter: Vest Review Allows Identification Of Bomb Throwing Suspect

Grandma's lil rioter review

Internet detectives used a review left by the Grandma of a Portland rioter to identify a man that appears to throw an explosive at the Federal Courthouse. Grandma’s review on the Icons Reflective Vest was left on Hibbet. “I got this for my grandson who’s a protestor downtown, he uses it every night and says its does the job.”

Grandma’s review of her little rioter even included a picture. The picture and review were crucial in identifying the man in various video clips of the riots. Grandma’s probably thrilled that the United Nations has attacked the United States for the handling of violent rioters like her Grandson. She will be less thrilled if her grandson is charged for attacking federal agents and property based on her review.

Grandma's lil rioter review

A crack team of Anons over at 4chan tracked down the review after first noticing the expensive clothing worn by the Antifa looking rioter who appears to throw the explosive in a viral video clip. Grandma’s lil rioter is also outfitted with expensive all white Air Jordans which appear to be worth more than $600. It’s unclear if the man yet realizes how ridiculous he looks protesting oppression in expensive designer clothes.

A thread posted to Twitter by animegorilla shows how the Anons were able to identify the man dubbed “Simpothy McVeigh”.

Grandma’s little rioter appears to be the same man that also tried to protect a naked protester with a shield. His efforts to protect the naked protester had previously earned him the nickname the “Beta Blocker”.