Exclusive: Dustin Stockton and Jennifer Lawrence Statement On Bannon and WeBuildTheWall Indictments

Heavily armed federal law enforcement officers executed a warrant for the cellphones of Dustin Stockton (me) and Jennifer Lawrence in the predawn hours on August 20th while simultaneously arresting Stephen Bannon, Brian Kolfage, and other associates of WeBuildTheWall. The warrant was executed on our RV in Mesquite Nevada while traveling as part of our work with America First Projects. The officers also served us with subpoenas to appear before a Grand Jury brought by SDNY.

Jen and I have no comment on the specifics contained in the indictment and will only say that we intend to comply with the court’s order. Jen and I would like to commend the officers who executed the warrant for their fair and reasonable treatment of us under the circumstance.