Disabled Veterans Clean An Underwater War Memorial In a Mission to Preserve Patriotism and Honor

Eight disabled veterans from Arizona flew in from across the country to Clearwater, Florida on Thursday and dedicated two days detailing and cleaning an underwater war memorial known as The Circle of Heroes Memorial.

Located just off the Pinellas County coast, about 10 miles off the shore of Clearwater at a depth of 40 feet in the Gulf of Mexico, The Circle of Heroes Memorial opened last year in August and is the nations first underwater dive memorial. This amazing underwater vision features 12 life-size military statues of soldiers and is a tribute to the all the brave men and women who have sacrificed, served, and are serving in The United States Armed Forces.

The eight veterans that helped clean the statues are certified divers and members of Deep Sea Valkyries which is an Arizona-based non-profit organization that provides veterans suffering from PTSD alternative forms of therapy, such as scuba diving.

Josh Grzywa, president of Deep Sea Valkyries, is a 15-year veteran who served from 1999 to 2014 as a U.S. Army infantryman who served two deployments in Iraq after being stationed in Germany. For Grzywa, this trip was not just for fun, but was a dedicated mission to preserve patriotism and honor.

“For all of us who have served in combat, it’s a humbling experience to see a statue that is a reflection of someone that gave their life and service to their country,” said Grzywa. “To go through all the work to put all these statues down there…it’s something else. I think anytime you see a memorial that is dedicated to any veteran there is a great sense of honor. I think most veterans feel like they don’t deserve a memorial. We did a job that we absolutely love to do it and we’d do the job all over again if we could.”

Disabled veterans clean underwater memorial

"Eight disabled veterans traveled to Florida this week to help clean the 12-life size military statues that currently make up Circle of Heroes – the nation’s first underwater dive memorial honoring our veterans." – Circle of Heroes Veterans’ Memorial

Posted by WCYB on Thursday, June 18, 2020