Dignity and honor back in California’s 25th

Republican Mike Garcia has won The US Congressional seat in California’s 25th district in a special election. Democrat Christy Smith conceded handing control over the district to Republicans for the first time since 1998. The seat was vacated by disgraced former Congresswoman Katie Hill who was forced to resign from her seat late last year following revelations that her and her now former husband had engaged in a relationship with a female staffer and used congressional funds to pay said staffer.

The special election ended when the Democrat candidate in the race Christy Smith conceded the election to Garcia. By the end of the night Tuesday Garcia held a 12 point lead over Smith. The California 25th Congressional seat had been held by Democrats since 1998. Garcia represents the political change that is taking in California. There is a record number of Republicans running for office in California in 2020. Many of them including Tamika Hamilton running in California’s 3rd congressional district. Both Hamilton and Garcia are retired from the US Military. Garcia is a retired Navy combat pilot.

After Katie Hill lies and disgraced the position of US Congresswoman, it is good to see a man of honor and dignity take Hills place.