COVID-19 Survivors Ineligible for Military Service

Survivors of the Kung Flu will not be fighting for the US Military, at least not without a special waiver. The Military Times is reporting that the Pentagon has confirmed social media reports that anyone testing positive for the Kung Flu will need to get a special waiver before enlisting in the United States Military.

Far from everyone, it looks like no one is going to be Kung Flu fighting. The decision has raised question about what the military knows about the the long-term prognosis of those who get the Wuhan Coronavirus that the rest of us don’t know about. People of Military Enlisting age (17-20) who have been infected seem to fair pretty well.  It’s rarely serious enough for hospitalization and almost never fatal.

From the same Military Times report didn’t get an answer as to what the Military was so concerned about that previous Covid-19 infection would classify as “permanently disqualifying” but they offered some guesses:

“However, given the limited research on COVID-19, there are likely a few factors that military medical professionals are trying to hash out when it comes to recruiting survivors: Whether respiratory damage from the virus is long-lasting or permanent, and whether that can be assessed; the likelihood of recurring flare-ups, even if someone has had two consecutive negative tests; and the possibility that one bout of COVID-19 might not provide full immunity for the future, and could potentially leave someone at a higher risk to contract it again, perhaps with worse complications.”

The potential for long-term lung damage or recurring flare-ups would mean this virus is far more dangerous than this writer previously thought and I’d also say that it lends credibility to the theory that the Kung Flu was engineered as a bioweapon. Hope I’m being paranoid. Let’s hope that the military is just being extra cautious.