Chinese Commies Attacking One American Specifically With Strange New Video

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has put out a video featuring a child attacking Former White House Chief Strategist and YUGE CCP critic Steven K Bannon by name. You know when the enemy mentions you by name that you are making them feel the heat.  

Kyle Olbert compared the use of the child in the video to the children used by Hitler and the Nazis in World War 2. “In a bizarre turn of events, #China’s Communist Party (#CCP) has deployed brainwashed schoolchildren to attack #SteveBannon. My heart breaks for this kid… his childhood destroyed by a militant ideology reminiscent of Hitler Youth.”

In the disturbing video the child warns Bannon and the United States just how powerful China is. “No matter how powerful the enemy, I will not change my own. The Chinese Nation has experienced many hardships but never been defeated. Setback begets courage. Setback makes people grow. We rise up against hardships. We are not afraid of intimidation. We are not afraid of threat. There is a man (Steve Bannon). Only give up the cold war mentality Stop smearing and using verbal violence. Participate in international affairs with a cooperative and open mind. Can more American people be saved.”

Bannon and President Trump have warned about the growing threat that the CCP poses to America. When the Wuhan Corona Virus broke out, Bannon began a a podcast, War Room Pandemic, to sound the alarm about what was really happening regarding the CCP and the China Virus. Not only is War Room Pandemic being broadcasted throughout the world on multiple platforms, it is also being broadcasted on ham radio in China in Mandarin directly to the people of China warning them that the CCP is lying to them. 

The CCP are masters of propaganda and strictly limit the information that the Chinese people have access to. The fact that Bannon is able to project the truth about the CCP and their role in the China virus pandemic poses a huge threat to the control that the CCP has over it’s people.  

For years Bannon has used his mastery of media to warn people of the increasing threat that China poses. From our dependence on them for manufacturing, to their growing presence and influence in countries around the world, Bannon has been the canary in the coal mine when it comes to China. 

In 2016 Bannon warned of an impending war that would be fought with China. “We’re going to war in the South China Sea in five to 10 years,” Bannon predicted. With the ever increasing aggression that we are seeing from China not only in the South China Sea but also in our backyard in the Caribbean and Venezuela, it seems that this prediction is also bearing fruit.

I am unsure if the video packed the punch that the CCP had hoped for. Having a child attack the “evil” man Steve Bannon might tug at heartstrings but not in support of China. Bannon was portrayed as the grim reaper by Saturday Night Live, did China really think a kid just out of diapers was going to scare him?