California’s Governor Says Martial Law a Possibility

California’s Governor, Gavin Newsom, announced yesterday that he has put the California National Guard on “alert” and is prepared to declare martial law “if necessary” to combat the current health emergency. By its definition, martial law is the suspension of all civil liberties and grants complete control to the military and its commanders. In this case, the Governor. If Governor Newsom moves on this, the residents of the formerly great state of California will have no protection of unlawful search and seizure, courts will be closed and military rule will determine the future of individuals, not due process.

While liberal politicians may be drooling over the idea of this much power, martial law was intended to be used only during war and only as a last resort after a complete breakdown of society has occurred. No matter how big, a health emergency does not even come close to justifying such a totalitarian measure.

Under martial law, the Governor and his goons could seize private property, jail without cause anyone who speaks out against his plans and prevent citizens from obtaining a fair trial since courts would be closed to such trivia. Given Governor Newsom’s record, this would be a great opportunity to round up all the firearms held by law abiding citizens, steal the land for his high speed railroad dream, arrest people for barbecuing in their back yard to prevent global warming and jail any person who opposes the progressive dream of a Utopian society.

Agency heads in California are scrambling to cover for Newsom by saying “He doesn’t mean “martial”, martial law. They say that he would only use the military to provide humanitarian assistance and distribute health care supplies. Such a step would only be enacted to protect the ignorant public who believe that the US Constitution and Bill of Rights protects them from government overreach is what the Governor is really saying.

For now, we are still living in the United States of America and this sort of talk by the head of the largest State in the Union should be a wake up call to every conscious person in California and the nation. It exposes what the left really craves, power over the people. If you think he does not have the right to do this and it will be overturned by Federal law, you may be correct but the damage he could cause while such a case winds its way through the legal system is real.