Breaking Video: Protesters Begin Storming White House Barricades

Protesters began knocking down police barricades at the White House in Washington DC videos on Social Media show.

Videos show them kicking down and trying to remove the outermost barrier outside of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.


During many years of covering these kind of protests and riots for Breitbart News, I’ve had the opportunity to sit in on many of the organizer meetings for things like this. People involved are often sorted into three groups, Red (down to get arrested), yellow (okay if they get arrested), green (useful idiots who want to pretend what they are doing is peaceful and are used as human shields).

“Red” Protesters will knock down barricades and test the security perimeter for weaknesses. When confronted by police they will fall back and blend in with the “yellow” protesters who are trained to help the “red” protesters escape.

The perimeter at the White House is as secure as any in the country and includes Secret Service and Capitol Police.

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