Breaking Video: Police Guarding Statue In Chicago Attacked With Fireworks And Projectiles

Disturbing video out of Chicago shows police guarding a statue of Christopher Columbus being barraged by projectiles and fireworks by a crowd intent on tearing down the monument.

Video posted by photojournalist Dominic Gwinn shows bottles, rocks, and what appear to be fireworks raining down on the police in a sustained and coordinated attack. Yikes!


Gwinn’s put pictures of the confrontation and of the crowd up on his Twitter feed. The move could spur federal action similar to that in Portland Oregon that fueled Democrats inauthentic outrage today as previously reported.

You've probably heard Democrats whining about "unmarked vehicles" today. You should see what DHS head Chad Wolf has to say about that…..

Posted by Conservative Women on Friday, July 17, 2020

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