BREAKING: Gunshots Exchanged in Korea. Kim Jong Un Alive and Unstable

The UK Mirror is reporting that South Korea and North Korea have exchanged gunshots across their border. It is unclear how serious the situation is and it’s being reported that no one was hit. It is clear that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un decided it was time to make his presence on the world stage felt.

After Katy Tur and CNN launched a conspiracy theory that Kim Jong Un was a either dead or a vegetable in recent days, the North Korean dictator came out guns a blazing to declare that he’s still here and he’s still ready to cause geopolitical instability.

I wonder why Fake News Katy Durrrrr deleted this tweet?

Posted by Dustin Stockton on Saturday, May 2, 2020


The morning border skirmish comes just one day after President Trump retweeted pictures showing Dennis Rodman’s homey at a ribbon cutting ceremony at a fertilizer factory.

The New York Post has reported that far from being dead Kim Jong Un was holed up with his harem of 2,000, appropriately named the “pleasure squad”.