BREAKING: Entire Police Force to Quarantined in Sunland Park NM (Site of The People’s Wall)

The entire police force of Sunland Park New Mexico is being forced to quarantine after one of the officers tested positive for COVID-19. The small city located outside of El Paso TX is also the site of The People’s Wall that was built by Brian Kolfage and the team at We Build the Wall. 

This is latest in the COVID-19 saga that has been plaguing the world for the past months. Many across the United States that are just now coming out of lockdown are being forced back into lockdown due to the skyrocketing cases in many states. The city of Sunland Park also sits on the border of the United States and Mexico and is a well known smuggling route for the cartel. We Build the Wall built the nearly mile long segment in one of the most highly trafficked routes in the El Paso sector that includes the city of Sunland park. 

The mayor, Javier Perea, routinely opposes closing smuggling routes is now begging for the assistance of the state. According to KVIA, “Mayor Javier Perea said the city has asked the Dona Ana County Sheriff’s Office and the New Mexico State Police for assistance until they can get test results back from the health department on the entire police force.” Perea went on to say, “The last thing we want to do is have one of our officers to spread the virus to the entire community.”