‘Back the Blue’ Movement Springing Up Across the Country to Show Honor, Support, and Appreciation for Our Law Enforcement

Despite several organizations still engaging in protest to ‘defund the police,’ skewing hate against police officers, and chanting ‘Black Lives Matter,’ a new movement has been uprooted to counter the attacks against our law enforcement. ‘Back the Blue’ rallies are springing up across the country to show support and to defend our brave men and women in blue who risk their lives daily to keep our communities safe.

While the mainstream media seems to be avoiding any type of coverage towards the ‘Back the Blue’ movement and only showing anti-police activity, all across America police supporters are showing a public display of affection for our law enforcement officers by demonstrating in Back the Blue rallies, marches, and events. These rallies are proof that there is a silent majority out there who support law enforcement and want to show their appreciation.

This weekend alone, thousands of police supporters across the nation attended rallies and marches in Tampa, FL, Springfield, MO, Suffolk County, NY, Wantagh, NY, Mansfield, OH, Portland, OR, Omaha, NE, Roanoke, VA, Longmeadow, MA, and Enfield, CT. These events come as a response to the calls for ‘defunding the police’ and abolishing police departments all together.

During a time where our law enforcement is under an enormous amount of scrutiny, being attacked physically and verbally, and feeling under-appreciated, as Americans we need to step up and show our support and appreciation for their daily sacrifices. Research if there is a ‘Back the Blue’ event near that you can participate in, pay for a police officer’s meal, buy them a coffee, like and follow the ‘Back the Blue’ facebook page or ‘Blue Lives Matter’ on Twitter, or just tell a police officer ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’ for their service. A kind gesture can go a long way.

The Thin Blue Line flag is still being being waved, let us speak up for those who have been ushered into silence.