LOL Surprise Dolls Have A Sexual Secret That Is Shocking Parents

The popular children’s toy LOL Surprise Dolls comes with a sexual secret that is shocking parents across the country. Dozens of videos by outraged parents have been posted on social media that show what happens when you put these dolls in ice water.

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Posted by Hilary Williams on Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Even Snopes found this claim to be MOSTLY TRUE.  “What’s True, Some L.O.L. Surprise! dolls are designed to change colors when they are dipped in water. In addition to clothes, accessories, and hair changing colors, designs on the doll’s body can also appear. In some cases, these changes involve clothing that resembles lingerie.”

There can be absolutely no explanation as to why these dolls reveal lingerie and other inappropriate imagery that is not suitable for children. That’s why we set up this Rally Congress to demand Congress investigate this mass sexual grooming of American kids.

Earlier this month Hasbro was forced to recall inappropriate Poppy Troll dolls after backlash following the revelation that Poppy a character from the popular children’s movie franchise Trolls came with an unknown button between her legs that made sexual noises when pressed.

As it seems that in every corner of the internet and even in conversation that sexual assault, human trafficking, and child molestation has taken a much need front seat. Its ever more apparent that these horrific things are much more widespread in our society than we once thought.


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